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The problem with choosing teams with no real system is that it can sometimes result in the problems of (1) taking too long to pick teams eating into game-time and (2) the teams not being fair as a result of mismatched player ability in teams, resulting in potentially one-sided games, which is never fun, especially for the losing team.

I’ve created a calculator that enables you to create fair teams based on player ability broken down by (1) skill and (2) stamina. The tool is limited to five-a-side and seven-a-side games; please update if you need more players added, otherwise drop me a line and I would be happy to help. Once downloaded you will need to ‘Enable Macros’ when prompted.

Just use this before the game and send the teams out to all the players in the group chat prior to the game.

You may not want to make this a public document for obvious reasons.

Blank Team Generator

By Naj Hassan

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