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Being a Hustler

Getting stuff done is probably one of the biggest problems this world is facing at the moment – you would have thought it might have been hunger, peace, tackling crime, the typical issues, but no. It all comes down to the simple fact of getting stuff done. If we don’t get stuff done, ‘stuff’ won’t happen, it’s as simple as that.

A Hustler gets stuff done.

I talk about these things at a very high level, but being a Hustler isn’t just about achieving things that may get you a Nobel Peace Price, it’s about doing the smaller things that add up to make a big thing too. Think about it. You’ve got a plan, a vision, a dream, your dream is going to take a lot of hard work in achieving, but it will change your life, it will prove to you that you are worth something, that you are capable, that you are who your Mum wanted you to be. With your dream in mind, heart and imagination, there’s two options; (1) procrastinate, get lazy and let your dream dilute to the extent that you’re no longer interested or take forever to achieve it or (2) set your mind to achieving that goal, achieving the smaller things and milestones, resulting in the ultimate achievement of your dream, plan or project, NO MATTER WHAT.

The ‘NO MATTER WHAT’ bit matters quite a lot. This is because a Hustler, in crude terms, doesn’t give a shit. They go out in to the world, gets what they wants and bring it back home; it may be a better job, it may be a million pounds, it may be a business. It might even be a new girlfriend. Hustlers go out and get what they want, no matter what.

Now, it’s simple enough to call a Hustler a person who get’s stuff done, but I don’t think it’s as simple as that. To some extent, we can all get stuff done, if we put our mind to it. There is a disparity between how people view a Hustler and what a Hustler sees when he/she looks in the mirror. People view a Hustler as a person with a good work ethic and a person who can get the job done in terms of achieving what they want and maybe what others want in the context of work. A Hustler sees himself as that too of course, but also finds weaknesses in himself and opportunities to grow, develop and learn as an individual. On a day where things haven’t gone so well for a number of reasons, the Hustler sees themselves as someone who needs to change, so they are better equipped the next time round. On a good day however, the Hustler thinks exactly the same. The video below extracted from the movie starring Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happiness sums up in perfect terms what a Hustler should do.

The Hustler works hard and doesnt waste time on non-value adding activities like watching TV. A Hustler might instead read books that would perfect his/her hustle. People may tell him or her to calm down and take it easy, but they don’t understand. A Hustler is a type-A personality, always doing something that contributes to the achievement of their dreams. A Hustler is frugal and lavish at the same time when they need to be. A Hustler understands the value in people and works collaboratively to achieve success while maintaining her eye on the prize.

In order to be a Hustler, you must:

  1. Value hard work/have a strong work ethic
  2. Go against the odds in every sense of the word, from barriers preventing you to achieve what you want to people with bad advice and attitudes
  3. Understand that working hard isn’t always working smart, sometimes it may be though, but a Hustler knows when of course
  4. Have determination and focus
  5. Be street wise
  6. Know when there is an opportunity and knowing when there’s not
  7. Make things look easy
  8. Have self respect
  9. Understand when to be frugal and lavish and
  10. Understand relationships

Now this is my own opinion of what a Hustler is. Yours may be different. But a Hustler is the guy or girl, you see as confident, the guy who drives a nice car, has that pretty girlfriend, goes on holiday more times than you and is living a nicer life in general.

You know what to do.

Naj Hassan wrote this article. Naj is a full-time Dad; full-part-time Blogger; full-time Analyst; part-part-time Composer and part-full-time Investor and property problem solver.

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