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DOWNLOAD: My Approach to Investing in Shares is Better than Yours

I never knew what shares to invest in once it comes time for me to invest. I found myself stumbling from site to site and asking people I consider knowledgeable for their recommendations. The problem with this is that, I am making my investment decisions based on other peoples investment objectives. So I decided that I needed to come up with a way that allows me to buy shares based on my own, personal objectives.

They are:

  • Must be strong companies
  • Have a good dividend returns
  • Have low levels of risk (volatility) for a certain percentage of portfolio
  • Good potential for longer term growth (buy and hold)
  • Value for money

With these objectives, I put a calculator together that helps me decide on which shares to buy, based on my objectives. The above objectives are what the calculator will help me to achieve; there are others like diversification of risk and industry and others, but I’ll talk about them in another post.

Process: Once I put the calculator together, I input share prices with associated dividends and betas and sorted in to ‘Descending’ order. The shares at the top of the list offered most value, so I bought those shares. Simple right?

My calculator appropriately named, ‘Which Share To Buy Calculator’ can be downloaded here.

Aside from the calculator, please do your own research; I cannot be held responsible for your buying decisions!

Further instructions can be found in the calculator.

By Naj Hassan

Hey, i'm Naj. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to contact me via the about page.