Note to Self: Just Go

Note to self:
Always make your starting point one of love, compassion and kindness, however remember that this is not always everyone else’s starting point.

You’re in school. You need to go to the bathroom badly. Mr Fletcher said last week, “you cannot go to the bathroom without my permission and until you get it you need to sit in your seat and raise your hand”. You raise your hand as far as you can raising it ever more higher the more you need to go in a bid to get his attention sooner. Soon your trousers change colour and you’ve lost control. Mr Fletcher rushes over immediately in anger, shaking his head and you sadly whisper, “Mr Fletcher, I really needed to go”.

The people you are supposed to or are told to trust are sometimes wrong or don’t understand. It’s okay though; that’s part of life. What your job is to make sure you understand this and make sure that if you’re in a situation where you’re relying on someone is to understand, “does this person have my best interests at heart?” It may not be anything malicious, it may be that they just don’t understand how badly you need to go.

Just go.

By Naj Hassan

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