Your Big Problem

There is no room for big problems. Nobody likes them and nobody wants them. In order to keep it this way, we must be able to manage them and maintain an approach to resolving them if they do ever arise, which of course, they will at some point or another.

A simple approach is one of breaking it down to sub-problems and tackling those in a bid to resolve the bigger problem. In any event, this is always a good starting point for understanding and gaining clarity of the problem.

This review and understanding of the sub-problems should be supported by effective understanding of the following items:

  1. Key issue at hand
  2. Relevant variables involved
  3. Forces and impacting items
  4. Actors involved
  5. Tasks required to resolve
  6. Success criteria – what is success?

By understanding these items, we are able to build a picture of the smaller problems and work towards resolving them by managing the above items.

Monitoring the progress of your problems is the next step; by monitoring you’ll be able to see the progress and know exactly when the problem has been resolved. Therefore this is a critical part to the process and without this, you will have no idea when your sub-problem is resolved. Tracking your performance is critical.

This same approach can be flipped and applied to  goals too. By setting  high level goals of losing weight or getting a new job through understanding sub-tasks to be achieved such as (1) updating your CV and (2) then looking for jobs and other tasks required will work towards the goal of ‘Find New Job’ being achieved.

Without measurement you will have no idea of what success is and therefore, your goal will never be achieved, because you will not know when it has been achieved, therefore track your goals too.

Taking a bit of time to plan the resolution of your problems and goals will certainly go a long way. Remember:

1. Your problems and goals are easier to resolve and achieve when they’re broken down

2. Whatever is measured and tracked can be achieved

Problem solved.

By Naj Hassan

Hey, i'm Naj. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to contact me via the about page.