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Speed Reading and Honda

Came across this interesting TV ad by, Honda.

The TV ad uses a speed reading technique that I read about some time ago. The technique forces us to read at a speed that is faster than our internal dialogue. This is important because, we typically read as fast as we speak and by increasing the speed of the text flashing, we’re focussing on reading the text faster than our internal dialogue, to the extent where our internal dialogue can’t keep up. What’s further interesting is that, this doesn’t necessarily affect our ability to absorb information, so, despite reading the text at a faster speed, this doesn’t affect the integrity of our comprehension of the text and therefore, ultimately, we can absorb more information in shorter periods of time.

You of course have to read a speed that is appropriate to your comprehension. Don’t expect to ramp up the speed to 1000 wpm immediately; the more you focus on improving your speed reading skill however, the more you can work towards increasing your WPM comprehension.

Here is a site where you can input your own text to generate text in this format.

Honda certainly make some good adverts. Here’s another I felt I had to post about!

By Naj Hassan

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